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Wondering if your software will run with Windows 7? Check compatibility for 8400+ programs using this list.

I get the Microsoft TechNet Flash via email. Most of the time it contains information for developers and IT pros (most of it out my area of interest). This issue spotlighted the Windows 7 Compatibility List. It contains a list of software that's compatible with Windows 7 that you can download direct from Microsoft. Pretty handy to have around.

In Microsoft speak, here's what the list consists of: "The Windows 7 Application Compatibility List for IT professionals is an Excel-based spreadsheet listing software applications and respective Windows 7 compatibility information. Compatibility information has been verified by either the software publisher or by the Windows 7 Logo Program testing requirements."

The list is in .xls format, so you'll need something that will open Excel spreadsheet files. Our Best Free Office Suite category has good suggestions if you don't own and/or don't want Microsoft Office.

The compatibility list has the company name, company home page, 32-bit and 64-bit compatibility status and the dates the program's status was updated.

You can find the latest software updates and check if your hardware is compatible at the Windows 7 Compatibility Center. For hardware you can search by type of device, or by name using the search box. Software is listed by type and you can search for a specific program using the search box. If you'd like to subscribe to TechNet Flash or any number of other subscriptions offered by Microsoft, try this site: Microsoft TechNet: Resources for IT Professionals.

Windows 7 Application Compatibility List

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