Free Christmas Images By The Sleigh-Load


Free Christmas imagesIt's December, so you may be thinking about producing Christmas-related things on your computer. Cards, office lunch menus, gift tags for presents, party invitations, letters to Santa, and so on. In which case you'll be needing some festive photos and illustrations.

Look no further than for everything you need. Pexels is an online photo library where everything is free, even for commercial use, and they have a great Christmas collection just waiting for you to browse and download.



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Lots of nice seasonal images, but disappointed in the lack of religious themes -- searched several appropriate keywords and only came up with 3 images. Perhaps I didn't search correctly?

I went thru every image and only found one image that was even remotely religious, and that was only an image of the inside of a church with decorations. But that is par for the course in today's "don't offend anyone" society.