Free Browser Add-in Records Image And Text of Every Page You Visit


If you're conducting a research session on the web, sometimes it's really useful to be able to go back through the pages you've visited.  The standard browser history feature helps, of course, but it only stores the addresses of the pages you visit, rather than their content. So if you suddenly realise you need to go back to that site which was offering 25% off printer ink, and you can't quite remember its name, it's not easy.

So here's an answer to the problem, in the shape of a free browser add-in for IE and Firefox.  It's called Hooeey Webprint, and you can get  it from  As mentioned, it runs under IE and Firefox, and is only a 1 MB download.  Though it does also require Adobe AIR, which is another 12 MB if you don't already have it.

Once you've installed Webprint, you'll find a new button on your browser's menu.  Whenever you want to view or search your archive, just press it.  Not only can you see a picture of every page you've visited, but the text is searchable too.  So in the above example, we could just search for "25%" and we'd find the page we were looking for.

In addition to the free progran, Hooeey offers a Pro version, which costs $5a month.  For this, you get to store your browser history in the cloud rather than on your own machine, so you can choose to share it with others.  Personally, though, I think I prefer the free, private version.


My thanks to user Panzer for this fascinating Hot Find.



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