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Zamzar file conversionThe other day, I needed to record some speech in my own voice and burn it to an audio CD that I could listen to in my car. I was actually learning some lines for an important presentation, so it seemed like a good way to practice.

The voice recorder app that's built into Windows 10 was sufficient to let me record my voice and save it as a file on my PC. But Windows Voice Recorder saves files in m4a format, and if you want to burn audio to an old-fashioned CD player you need a wav file instead.

The software that came to my rescue was Zamzar. It's a neat system that can convert any file to just about any other format you can think of. It'll convert document and spreadsheet files to and from PDF or e-book formats, for example. And it converts between dozens of audio formats too. Including between mp3, m4a, wav and others.

The nicest thing about Zamzar is that it's online, so you don't need to download anything. And it's completely free too. So add it to your bookmarks or favourites, for the next time you need to convert a file. The site is at and seems to work fine in all major browsers.

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I have uses ZAMZAR for years since I first subscribed to Gizmo, never had a problem never had a need for more than 50 MB till last week needed to convert a 200 MB VOB to MP4.
Went to Convert File, all well until download when screen went Blue and notification of bad website came up.
Just tried Online Convert, size exceeds the free plan. Thanks GW Baldwin for the heads up.

There is a HUGE risk of someone getting your personal info when using a FREE online converter - of any type - for any type of conversion. When you upload your file(s) the server at the opposite end now has your file! I find it crazy to use such services. I know of 2 people that wanted to convert their tax return (PDF format) converted to some other format and had their identity stolen - 2 separate people. You have been warned.

At first I thought it naive that folks would upload a file with sensitive info to a free service, but then I realize I do this all the time with Google Docs. But still your warning is an important one...

Check out Everything accomplished on one screen. No multiple web pages, no giving email address, no finding email with link, no clicking on a link, no nag messages to 'upgrade'. Unbelievable number of file formats. There is a 100MB limit, and they do have a premium service, but I have never seen a 'nag' message.

As usual, nice tip, rob! :-)

Tks to you and to crosseyedlemon (for Convert.files tip)! ;-)

You are right. Zamzar is the online file converter I use. Trusty, never any problem with it.

The only real drawback to Zamzar is that unless you sign up for an account your limited to a 50MB file upload. Convert.files website will allow a 250MB upload while offering the same conversion formats - so that is another option.

Thank you for this tip, crosseyedlemon.
Currently I don't have a file > 50MB to convert but it's good to know.

Agree, used Zamzar many times with great success. No abuse of my email addy either.