Free Again. This $59.95 DVD Ripper.


WinX DVD RipperIt's that time of year again, when Digiarty runs its special giveaway of its DVD ripping software. The program, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, allows you to copy a DVD disc to your computer, smartphone or tablet so that you can watch it offline. The program normally costs $59.95 but you can currently get a fully licenced version completely free if you head to and download it.

The download is 33 MB and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

The free offer expires on December 4th. So if you reckon that you might get some DVD movies as gifts later in the month, you'll need to download and install the software before the 4th.

Note: There's a limit of 500 free downloads per day on the WinXDVD site. So if the site says there's no more left today, try again tomorrow.

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When I downloaded mine last night it said 1000 copies a day. They must have raised it.

Yes, seems like it. And all those 1000 copies have run out too, when I checked just now.

Thank you, worked like a charm.

One thing to mention is that the license has to be activated before 6th December. Its mentioned in the text file containing the license.

This doesn't interest me, as I like to have the setup so that it's possible to install the software at a later date.

What text file? Can you tell me where id is because I've looked in every directory.

The download is called -
Unzip it to reveal these files -
Read me - license key.txt

The text file contains this -
Dear user, thank you for joining our giveaway.
Below is the guide for you to activate the Licensed Copy of WinX DVD Ripper Plaitnum.
Step 1: Click the setup file. You can find it in the .zip folder you downloaded.
Step 2: Install it which takes only a few seconds.
Step 3: Please note what you get is a trial version after you finish the installation process. You need to enter the following license code and click Activate.

(I have deleted the key they have here, as per their instructions to not share it)

1. The license code should be activated before Dec.6, 2016.
2. The code is for personal use only. Please DO NOT disclose it to the internet.
3. The version you get is a Giveaway Version which will not support update.

500 copies available per day, and none left for today!

Lots of links to buying packages though.

Got the free copy by sending a tweet out advertising the event. You can do the same through FB.

This offer is just like GOTD. All you need to do is click on the link to share on Facebook. You don't actually have to log into your Facebook account. When you close the box, the download link will appear. Just download and follow the instructions in the readme file.

I cannot get it to download the activation key for free.

Your license key (for activation) is included in a text document inside the downloaded zip folder.

Thanks Rob and Digiarty,....Tis the season..happy hols...Installed and the License Key worked fine. :)

@I did uninstall the previous free offer version first.