Free 15-point Security Checklists


In the US, it's currently National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which is an initiative sponsored and promoted by the Department for Homeland Security.  The Department was created in 2001, in response to a series of attacks far more deadly than anything which the internet has ever been responsible for.

If you haven't done an overhaul of your PC security in recent years, why not make this the month that you do?  It doesn't have to cost money.  Just check out our famous list of free security software at

But before you install software, you need to review your current security precautions to ensure that the security software you use is actually solving the problems which you have.  To help you in this, I've created a checklist of 15 simple tips.  Actually, there are 6 separate checklists, specifically designed for PC users at home and in the office, for parents, for children and young people, for college/university students, and for company bosses.  You'll find them all at



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