Freak Attack: Patch Is On The Way


This month's "Patch Tuesday", when Microsoft releases its regular set of security fixes for Windows and other products, is more important than most.  Among the 14 bug-fixes is a cure for the much-discussed Freak bug, which can allow hackers to intercept information that you view or type into a secure web site.

If you haven't enabled automatic updating on your Windows PC, now is the time to do so.  Your machine should then pick up the fixes automatically.




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It seems I found the answer for my own question posted yesterday (see below):

Who is vulnerable?
The FREAK attack is possible when a vulnerable browser connects to a susceptible web server—a server that accepts “export-grade” encryption.
Chrome for Windows and all modern versions of Firefox are known to be safe. However, even if your browser is safe, certain third-party software, including some anti-virus products and adware programs, can expose you to the attack by intercepting TLS connections from the browser. ..."


Got mine, Must have been a BIG update - took my PC 30+ minutes to do it!!

Mine too. Seems there's a lot of patches required this month.


this is a fix for Windows or for Internet Explorer?

And I understand this patch doesn’t apply to windows XP. Is there a downloadable patch or fix we XP users can get to protect our computers?

No, there's no patch for XP. It remains unprotected from this flaw, and many other recently-discovered ones too. XP is no longer supported.

Will a program such as Malwarebytes catch the freak bug?

So, the fix is for the system (Windows)?

If an user always browse with Firefox and NEVER use Internet Explorer, for example, is he under risk?

Just got my set of updates done.

Thanks for the update....I was worried about your computer...

@ tgellert,

how come?