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A worthy contender to open and accurately render pdf files


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Fast, modern user interface, can fill and save both forms and form data, provides extensive annotation and review features. Social media interface. Can insert and validate electronic signatures.
No OCR capability. Users need to take great care during the install process to avoid a variety of unwanted components and system changes, the make-up of which is changed regularly. User manual must be downloaded separately.

Our Review:

A worthy contender in this category is Foxit Reader, particularly if you do not need OCR capability. The software was able to open and accurately render the same files, perhaps a tad faster than PDF-XChange. It contains similar features for viewing and navigating documents, while adding the ability to read documents aloud. When multiple documents are opened they are loaded in tabs to allow easy switching between them.

While other software in this category has been relatively static in its development, Foxit has been keeping in step with the state of both the computing and business worlds. Foxit most recent release offers both a "classic" and a "ribbon" interface that provides a modern look and feel to the software. The ribbon is similar to that included in the Microsoft Office toolbar. While I had a bit of trouble finding the controls for setting and changing the format of annotations, I generally had the sense that the features for navigation and editing well organized, smooth and, for the most part, intuitive.

The array of annotation tools were as impressive as those in the PDF-XChange Editor. The user will be able to fill forms and fully annotate documents and save them as we should expect. Foxit includes some unique controls that permit adding images and multimedia files as well as attaching other files. The reader contains some interesting collaboration and social media features that provide interfaces with Evernote, Facebook, Twitter and SharePoint. Additionally Foxit provides for both electronically signing documents using the commercial DocuSign service and validating electronically signed PDF files. While Foxit can open encrypted files, regrettably absent is the ability to add and alter file security.

In its latest version Foxit has added a multifaceted PDF creation facility, which may be of interest for some.

Besides the version reviewed here for Windows, it also has a mobile version for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Caution! Foxit is bundled with a variety of unwanted components that will attempt to install toolbars and change your system settings. The exact nature of these unwanted components is changed regularly. Users need to take great care during the installation process to avoid these unwanted items. See our information page on this subject here.

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I used to love Foxit. I hadn't updated in a while ... and when i did, i discovered that there was no longer a way to set it to a usable UI - as opposed to that crappy "ribbon" trash.

Bye Bye Foxit.

Yes, I saw AND READ your paragraph labeled CAUTION.

I simply can not understand how a malware slinging program can get 4 stars! The reviewer helps the malware slingers.

IMHO that should have been at the very beginning of the review and most of this paragraph should have shown a bold font!