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Foxit MobilePDF

Provides a good PDF reading experience thanks to its complete suite of tools


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Very complete suite of annotation and bookmarking tools. Interesting signature feature. Direct access to cloud-based storage services.
It can get very demanding on older phones specially with image-rich PDFs. High RAM usage levels. Big installation size.

Our Review:

It does not matter if you have a smartphone or a tablet, Foxit MobilePDF works with any Android device while you're on the go. It relies on the same technology of the desktop version and provides a good PDF reading experience thanks to its complete suite of tools.

Foxit MobilePDF allows you to read and search PDF files from local sources and cloud services (Box, Dropbox and KuaiPan). It can also keep a history of the PDFs you have read if you need it. Using Foxit's file management tool, you can select any file as favorite, rename it, copy or edit it and finally, share it through Bluetooth or email.

Once you open a PDF file, you can select any of of the viewing tools Foxit has included such as Text Reflow, Annotation Tools, Bookmarks and Text Search; there is an option to add your signature too. When it comes to reading, you can change the view mode to single page, continuous page or thumbnail mode; also, you can use a double-tap or the good old "pinch" gesture to zoom in or zoom out the view. As a way to improve your reading, there is a screen lock to change the display mode (portrait/landscape) and a useful brightness setting (tap your device's "menu" button to bring it) which works independently from your system's settings.

While the bookmark tool works great, the annotation tools take the cake since they are as complete as these kind of tools can be. They include: Undo and Redo options; Text Highlight, Underline and Strikeout; Sticky Notes for comments or ideas and lastly, a Pencil and an Eraser tool. If you tap and hold on each notation icon, you will bring up the settings panel where you can choose the color you want to use along with the opacity and thickness options.

Foxit MobilePDF is a really good 100% free PDF reading app albeit with some flaws: the text and image rendering is fast, but it requires a good device to work as intended and it could be a real RAM hog with documents that combine text and images on every page. Even though the zoom option is limited, it should not pose a problem on a tablet, but it could be an important issue for phone users with small screens.

Besides the version for Android, Foxit MobilePDF also caters for iOS and Windows devices.

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