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Format Factory

An excellent choice with presets for conversion and a DVD ripper


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Pros & Cons:

Stable with many device presets. Supports all video file formats. Rips DVD's & Music CD's. Very powerful software.
Installer is bundled with a toolbar (you are able to opt out), interface is non-linear and somewhat confusing.

Our Review:

Format Factory is an excellent choice for an audio and video converter especially for old phones and DVD ripping. It has presets for over 100 devices, converts to and from dozens of formats, and allows for advanced tweaking and custom profiles.

On the downside, the sidebar-and-popup interface does not provide a linear experience. You'll find that you can not drag'n'drop into the windows that look like you should be able to, and you have to open & close a couple of windows in order to end up back at the starting screen, where you finally get to hit START. This being said, once you learn the interface, you'll find it responsive, stable, and easy to drill down to the exact settings you are looking for.

Overall, this program is a good choice for power or device users who find iwiSoft lacking.

Note: When installing Format Factory, watch out for the bundled toolbar. It is installed by default if you don't uncheck the box on the first screen of the installer package.

A portable version of this software is also available at LiberKey, which is a superb portable application manager.

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Format Factory Web site and download link are dead.

Thanks Catsup22. The links have now been updated.

The Format Factory Web Site and download link seems to have moved to

Also... during installation, it LOOKS LIKE you are being forced to install ByteFence and a ``sponsored offer`` (in my case, it was Yahoo power search for IE and Firefox, PLUS the Chrome browser with the Search Manager Chrome add-on installed). But the trick is to click on EACH of the two Click Here links (the links are BLACK instead of your favorite link color) and you will be presented with CheckBoxes which you can UNCHECK.

Finally, at the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND, you are asked (somewhat sneakily) to ``Install Picosmos Picture Tools``. Watch for that, and UNCHECK the CheckBox if you don't want it.