Font XPlorer


Font XPlorer

A free font manager good for older versions of Windows


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Pros & Cons:

Widest range of features; customisable: menus, toolbars, call external programs.
Not supported in Windows Vista or 7 and not updated since 2001; have to group fonts in folders.

Our Review:

Font XPlorer by Ahto Tanner, Moon Software, might be down this list but it is excellent for a free font manager. Unfortunately it doesn't run on Windows Vista or newer versions of Windows because it was last updated in 2001.

The list of features is extensive. It has previewed font lists; works well with fonts in folders although it does not recurse subfolders when searching for fonts or duplicates; loads the fonts I want to use without installing them; exports an image file; prints with 4 predefined samples; handles Unicode; and is highly customisable as you can call other applications and add them to the menu. For example, you can define a different default character map viewer.

Toolbars and menus can also be modified but just the way it was done for Windows 2000. It has a registry check and you can make the system font folder view normally.

It does have issues other than not being actively developed. Font Xplorer has limited grouping through favorites but if you use folders you should be OK. It found several fonts that it couldn't work with because they had been installed by other software. This is a problem with the other programs as well. The solution is to only use one program to install all fonts.

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