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Font Runner

Easily organize and search your font collections


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Font Manager

Pros & Cons:

Simple interface; share fonts without installing; character search.
Large download compared with the other programs; doesn't default to the system font folder; uses Windows Explorer for file management.

Our Review:

Version 3 of Font Runner by Crux Technologies is similar to NexusFont.

It is actively developed, tries to simplify the interface (but not as much as Font Frenzy), has a preview list rather than selecting one font at a time, displays Unicode, has user-defined group by favorite folders or projects (sets in NexusFont), and allows drag'n'drop of files and folders even from Windows Explorer.

You can search by font name, by similarity to the selected font, or for characters in other fonts that match the selected character. The latter is useful for finding Unicode fonts with similar character blocks.

A few features initially frustrated me but aren't big problems. For example, you have to specify the default folder for Font Runner to display when it opens - most programs default to the system font folder. Also, Font Runner does not allow you to select the Unicode character block to view.

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