Font Frenzy


Font Frenzy

Manage fonts to install and uninstall from the system fonts folder


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Font Manager

Pros & Cons:

Simple interface focused on four buttons; revert system fonts to those shipped with the OS.
Limited font information visible; no Unicode; can't change standard text.

Our Review:

Font Frenzy, by Sound Doctrine Ministries, is one of the good options for managing fonts. It is a stylish and useful font manager with a relatively simple interface.

The central theme is managing fonts to install and uninstall from the system fonts folder. Font Frenzy can revert (Defrenzy) the installed fonts back to the original OS install. The removed fonts are stored in the same set of folders as the backups (FrenzySnap) and can be restored (Refrenzy) at any time.

File management (FrenzyMan) provides for adding, deleting, installing, unloading and storing, and viewing fonts in a folder. There is also a feature to repair the fonts folder.

Be careful running Defrenzy. For example, as experienced in Windows XP before, it would remove the Office 2007 fonts that provide compatibility with Vista's new fonts.

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