Folder View


Folder View

Effectively adds favorite folders to Explorer's toolbar and context menu.


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Pros & Cons:

Adds some useful buttons and cascading menus to Explorer's toolbar and context menu, to a tray icon, and to Open/Save dialogs.
Only partially functional in Vista and newer versions of Windows; does not provide direct access to files.

Our Review:

After installing Folder View, a Configuration Wizard asked me to select a "Main Folder", which was "My Documents" or my user folder by default. The folders contained in the Main Folder became buttons in Explorer's toolbar and context menu, in the tray icon, and in Open/Save dialogs (but not in Vista). Clicking on a button opened a cascading (fly-out) menu of folders, letting me explore the directory structure.

For example, I added "c:\" as a button, then I could access any folder on that drive from FV's cascading menu. I really liked this capability. FV also added a "Recent" button that showed recently accessed folders.

I liked that I could choose any folder, because using My Documents became a problem. If I wanted to remove a button it would send the real folder to the recycle bin. So, instead, I chose a folder that contained short-cuts to other folders. To my surprise, it turned these short-cuts into buttons and cascading menus just like they were real folders! This is the safest way to use the program because you can add and delete the short-cuts without affecting your real folders.

One major disappointment was that the menus did not show files, only folders (unlike explorer's own cascading toolbar menus). So I could not access any files directly from the cascading menus. This was a severe limitation for me because I like to launch files from cascading menus. This should at least be an option.

Folder View effectively offers quick access to my favorite and recent folders from the toolbar and context menu in Explorer. The cascading (fly-out) menus and the toolbar additions are excellent features that are rarely found in other programs. But I would like to see more customizability, the ability to access files, and additional features. Some of the functionality can be found in Explorer alone, by simply adding a folder toolbar to the taskbar.

This addon fully supports Windows XP but it is only partially functioning in newer versions of Windows.


  • Access Where?  Explorer, Open/Save dialogs (not in Vista)
  • Access How?  Toolbar in Explorer, right-click context menu, tray icon
  • Favorites Menu?  Yes: on-the-fly additions, submenus
  • Recent Menu?  Yes
  • Dialog Window Settings?  No
  • Additional Window Functions?  No
  • Customizability: Low
  • Additional Features: Cascading (fly-out) menus follow directory structure, "Copy to" and "Move to" in context menu

Folder View was reviewed by on based on version 2.1.1b.