Folder Size


Folder Size

Analyze and check the distribution of your disk space


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License: Free
Website: MindGems
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Disk Space Analyzer

Pros & Cons:

Highly versatile with comprehensive reports and pie chart mapping.
Nothing major

Our Review:

Folder Size from MindGems Software installed fine, then tried to go to the website - problematic if you're not connected. It took a few minutes or so to scan the drive. Has different units (B, KB, MB, or GB). Displayed drive size as 122.62 GB (131,659,620,315).

Tried to download a flash player for the chart display (again problematic if you're not connected). Can scan a folder and shows size, percent, number of files, number of sub-folders, dates, attributes and owner. Able to 'drill down' by double clicking on a folder name. Clearly shows the page.sys file when "home".

View window in lower right summarises all the drive. C reported as 279.45 GB, 121.25 GB free and 158.20 GB used.

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Tried to download, got:

"Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity.
We strongly recommend you do not continue."

Unfortunately everything produced by Malwarebytes nowadays is a lost cause. It's unbelieveable to me that folks even switch off the infinitely better Windows default system to run their anti-malware. The browser guard is no different and riddled with so many false positives as to render it useless. MC - Site Manager.