F.Lux Gets A Big Update And It's Still My Favourite


Flux screen brightness controllerI'm back. Did you miss me? Apologies for the lack of posts over the past 10 days or so. I've been moving home and office from the UK to Portugal. The PC seems to have survived its trip in hold baggage, so we should be back to a normal update schedule from now on.

First up, there's been a big updated to Flux (officially f.lux) recently. This is one of my favourite freeware programs for Windows. It automatically dims your screen, and filters out the blue end of the spectrum, at night time in order to avoid straining your eyes.

Just tell Flux where you are, and it will then know what time the sun rises and sets. From there, it knows when to start gradually fading the screen at sunset and raising the colour temperature in the morning. If you tell it what kind of lighting you have (fluorescent, LED, etc), it'll even make allowances for that too, so that your PC screen always matches the brightness and colour temperature of your room.

New in version 4, which is well worth an upgrade if you're still on v3, is that the software can now learn (or you can tell it) what hours you tend to work. So it can gradually wind down the bright blue aspect of the display as you prepare to stop work or head to bed.

You'll find Flux at https://justgetflux.com/ and, as always, it's free. It works just fine with Windows 10 and the installer weighs in at around 0.75 MB. It's malware-free according to all of VirusTotal's 60 scanning engines, and Web of Trust rates the site as reputable.

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I gave the program a try about 9 months ago for a few weeks. I couldn't rid pages of the pink tinge despite following the advice given in regards to that glitch. If the new update has successfully solved that issue I may install Flux again as the idea behind this software is a good one.

I've tried this program on and off over the years and have had the pink tinge issue too so I don't use it. The new version still has the pink tinge on my system. I think it would be great if I could get rid of the pink.

I love f.lux and thank techsupportalert for bringing it to my attention. I went to the site for the update and it doesn't download anywhere on my pc. tried it twice and NOPE. I'm still on v 3.10
I will try again later...

2AM next day... NADA nothing happens. I used 'everything' to find all flux files, only 3.10 exists.

I used to use f.lux but now I can't figure how to get it installed on Linux. It's a windows program anyhow, you have to use Wine.
Iris works OK and it's native Linux but crippleware.
Redshift works OK too.

I use Iris Floss version and it is not crippleware. But it is true that you can set only color temperature and brightness and nothing else ...

Hi Rob. Welcome back !
Please keep informing us of new or upgraded freeware
Your work continues to improve our computing lives

Yes, we missed you.

Having read MC's and Anupam's replies (thank you gentlemen!) I read my post again and I apologize if anybody understood it as expressing any kind of suspicion.

And, MC, thanks for the link to scmagazine; that was an eye opener for me. I'm old but hopefully still can learn ;-)


I value your contributions. But why in all the heavens would I want to download ANY software from a Colombian web site?

I don't even trust 7zip because it is of Russian origin. Okay, that's me. But South America, and there Colombia of all places?


I think the author is actually a Bulgarian.

I would normally also add a Softpedia link, but the author is now offering Iris (Mini, Micro, Floss) as freeware with Iris Pro and Iris Mini Pro versions while Softpedia still acknowledge them as a demo and not freeware. So, I couldn't post that links here ... I decided to post only link to his page instead ...

You did correct. Actually, it would be preferred if the home site for any new suggested software is posted, and not any download site. That way, users can check out the software site themselves, and so can the moderators.

To start with, it's not always easy or even possible to determine the true origin of a piece of malicious code. In many respects however, supposed 'red flag' countries are well behind the US in terms of production. MC - Site Manager. https://www.scmagazine.com/us-is-the-source-of-most-cyberattacks-sucuri/...

7-zip is open source software. If there was anything wrong with it, experts would have found it by now by going though its code. It's a great piece of software, and I have been using it for years.

Thanks rob, FWIW 3+ users should note that the updater will not offer the 4+ version.
I stumbled on the new version.
Uninstalled the old one and installed it a couple of weeks ago, they really did a stellar job, it's excellent.