Supports a wide variety of protocols, BitTorrent and eMule downloads.


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Increases speed with hyper-thread technology, support numerous protocols, various skins, advanced task logging with graphs, automatic authentication to websites, supports Bittorrent & eMule downloads.
Resources detector crashes on use, downloading videos stalls the program, not updated for a long time, no support for Google Chrome.

Our Review:

Installation: Rating 3.5 of 10 The installer is clean with no adware/spyware. In the Additional tasks wizard, FlashGet sets itself as the default download manager, and also modifies Windows TCP connections. It also places a desktop shortcut and quick launch icon. Choose your installation folder and downloads folder and you're ready. On Uninstall, it offers to retain configuration and task information. But it didn't remove the browser extensions upon uninstallation and left a lot of registry entries behind.

After installation to integrate with browsers, from the interface, go to Tools->Add Browsers support.

InterfaceRating 4.5 of 10 Pleasing interface, the left side bar showing All tasks as well as Downloading tasks, and Categories with the ability to create as many download categories as possible, and a nifty Recycle bin for restoring deleted tasks. At the bottom, network details are displayed on mouse hover, the download speed of current task and a skin manager where you can add skins from the official site. A sub window shows various task properties that shows all details of the download task, log file of connections and a disk defragmenter-like download diagram. Grouping of downloads is available by date and path, as well as searching for files is available.

FeaturesRating 4 of 10 FlashGet supports a wide variety of protocols including HTTP, FTP, BT, MMS, RTSP and eMule protocols. Notably it supports Bittorrent and eMule downloads. Automatic authentication to servers is available when needed to download files. Number of threads/sections can be set separately for each file, a neat feature. Comments can be placed for each downloaded file. Flashget uses memory as disk cache during download, and you can set the quota for the same. The Resources Detector wizard, let's you download online videos, batch of images, softwares and FTP resources by scanning the url directly pasted in the window. FlashGet has HTTP and Sock5 proxy support.

UsabilityRating 5 of 10 FlashGet definitely needs an update, and it's usability has gone rock bottom. Resources detector crashes during url detection making it unusable. Since Chrome now doesn't support extensions not present on it's web store, FlashGet fails to work on Chrome. It doesn't take over downloads from IE 11 too, making Firefox the only working browser on it. Although link downloads work well on Firefox, trying to download a video, hangs the video and the download doesn't get transferred too. The fonts used within the Preferences window is weird. There's no refresh download option for expired links or a dedicated scheduler for downloads. Honestly it doesn't live up to the reputation of v1.9 which is still available as separate download.

Support/UpdatesRating 3 of 10 The forum is dead with almost no replies or comments, and there haven't been updates for a long time, except for a few bug fixes. The last major version came all the way back in 2010. This once great download manager is now past it's prime.

FlashGet was reviewed by on based on version 3.7.