Get quick access to favorite and recent folders from a toolbar added to dialog boxes.


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Pros & Cons:

Adds a toolbar that provides access to favorite and recent folders, effectively sets dialog box sizes and view modes.
Limited to only dialog boxes, does not work in Vista and newer versions of Windows.

Our Review:

FlashFolder adds a toolbar floated above all Open, Save as, or Browse dialog windows. Some of the buttons on the toolbar included History (of open folders), Currently Open Folders (in other applications), and Favorite Folders.

Adding folders and files to my Favorite Folders was easy in FF: I browsed for the target, selected it, then I selected the caption from alternatives or could edit it myself. I could add separators and submenus so that my Favorites menu would be more organized. I could add Favorites on the fly by clicking a button on the toolbar, then selecting "Add current folder". There were no cascading menus, clicking on a FF menu item simply navigated to the selected folder in the dialog window.

FlashFolder effectively provides quick access to favorite & recent folders from a useful toolbar added to Open/Save/Browse dialogs. In Windows XP, the visually appealing toolbar worked well and the program was able to effectively adjusted the size and view mode of dialog boxes. However it is limited to only dialog boxes and works in Windows XP only. Newer versions of Windows are not supported.


  • Access Where? Open/Save/Browse dialogs
  • Access How? Toolbar above dialogs, customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Favorites Menu? Yes: on-the-fly additions, submenus
  • Recent Menu? Yes: global and per application
  • Dialog Window Settings? Yes: size, position, view mode, max hieght of folder combobox, max height of filetypes combobox
  • Additional Window Functions? No
  • Customizability: Moderate
  • Additional Features: Address/location display in the toolbar, an option to show all file types in the dialog windows, Total Commander integration

FlashFolder was reviewed by on based on version 1.9.181.