FlashBack Express


FlashBack Express

Gives you the ability to record full screen on one or more monitors


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Pros & Cons:

A lot of control over video and audio settings; can capture web cam images and integrate with the screen session; can hide desktop icons automatically during recording; outputs to AVI, or SWF or FLV Flash files; built-in YouTube and Blip.tv uploaders.
The built-in Editor Timeline is a tease: there's nothing you can edit with it unless you purchase a Standard or Pro version; no panning to follow the cursor.

Our Review:

Blueberry's FlashBack Express come in Free and Paid versions, much like ActivePresenter, but it offers a smaller subset of its paid-for sibling's feature set than does ActivePresenter.

FlashBack Express gives you the ability to record Full Screen on one or more monitors. You can record sound and set the sample rate. You have a choice of video codecs and can include the capture of video from a webcam.

You can also have FlashBack Express hide all your desktop icons while recording to keep things clean and tidy. You can schedule start and stop times for recording. The software also includes a highlighted cursor, but no panning.

You can output to either AVI or SWF or FLV flash files.

Overall I found FlashBack Express to be a solid product with several unique and very handy features, with no major negatives.

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