Five Places to Learn How to Use Windows 8.1 Better


Just when you thought you had Windows 8 figured out, Microsoft went and changed things in Windows 8.1 so you had to learn yet more. Or maybe you are upgrading from an even older version of Windows. Then you have a truck-load of new features to learn. Either way, here are some places to go that will help make the transition to Windows 8.1 easier.

1. 10 new getting started tutorials for Windows 8.1

Get a quick beginning with these tutorials from the Microsoft MSDN site.

2. Articles introducing Windows 8 & 8.1 and their basic concepts

List of numerous articles on Windows 8.1 at 7Tutorials. Very substantial coverage.

3. The Metro hater's guide to Windows 8.1

Windows expert Ed Bott’s tips on what you need to do to make Windows 8.1 as desktop-friendly as possible. All of the features he describes are new or significantly changed in Windows 8.1 compared to Windows 8.

4. The desktop lover's guide to supercharging Windows 8.1

More tips on taming the Metro interface, this time from Woody Leonhard.

5. Windows 8.1 Tips

Collection of Windows 8.1 tips from Paul Thurrott.

And there you have it – some help to get Windows 8.1 working the way you want.

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