Five Places to Find New Uses for Old Smartphones and Tablets


Recently, I faced a dilemma. I got a new smartphone. But that wasn’t the dilemma. The dilemma was what to do with the old phone. Nobody wanted it. Since looking for a use for an old phone is a common occurrence, the web has lots of sites with suggestions. I thought I would pass along some of the more interesting places to get ideas about what to do with old phones and Android tablets.

And there you have it - plenty of suggestions for new uses for old phones and tablets.

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I had always thought that there were no uses for a smart phone once it had been disconnected from the phone service. This is good to know since I have several tucked away in a drawer. Great ideas!

I work for a county 911 center. A good place to retire your old cell phone is a woman's abuse center. Because phones are capable of dialing 911 even without service, these phones are given to these women for their safety. I saw one suggestion was to give them to children to run game apps for education. For the reason I recommend giving them to women's shelter, is the reason I don't recommend given them to small children to use.

Great tips! Thanks.