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Firefox Send

Sending large files for sharing without the need to sign in.


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No need to sign in, free and easy to use, links automatically expire, encryption and password protections.
May tax system resources when file sizes are big.

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Provided by Mozilla Foundation for free use, Firefox Send makes it easy for you to send files that are too big for email.

The service allows you to send large files up to a total of 1GB for sharing with others via a link, with no hassle of signing into an account. You can upload one file once, or multiple files at a time for Firefox Send to assemble in one big zip file for sharing.

The link expires automatically after a maximum of either 100 downloads or 7 days have been reached after you upload the files. Lower limits on the number of downloads or days can be set upon sending the files.

To further protect the files you are sending, you can add a password that is needed to open the files. The files are sent by Firefox Send with end-to-end encryption, which means that not even Mozilla Foundation can view the contents of your files. Although it is great for security, encrypting the files upon sending, or decrypting them when receiving, may tax your system resources especially when the file sizes are big.

Signing into Firefox Send is optional. It offers a larger limit of sending files up to 2.5GB if you sign in.

This excellent service is accessible via any web browser or its Android app. While the Android app is currently a beta, it is stable for use when tested. The iOS version has yet to be made available at the time of this writing.


Send Large Files Securely on the Web or Android Without the Need to Sign In

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