Firefox Favorite: Element Properties Add-on


Gizmo's Freeware logo with Element Properties pop up window below logo.
One of my favorite Firefox features for years (until it was removed) was the ability to right click on an image or other page element such as a link and have a small window open up with the details such as the size of an image. Element Properties returns the 'Properties' menu item that was removed in Firefox 3.6 to the context menu. :)

You can get it here:


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Unrelated but in a similar vein with the pop up window when hovering over a link or image. Can anyone advise as to what I can now use in place of Coolpreviews (Cooliris) to use with Firefox which unknown to me ceased support some time last year when it was bought out by Yahoo. Of course when I updated to W10 I could not find it anymore and have done searches to find something similar but to no avail.


I've never used Cool Iris or similar add-ons, maybe someone here has a suggestion?

Thanks Rhiannon,

I'm hoping so as I have come to rely on it for quite a few years and have found it very useful.


Am I being thick? How is this different to Right click > View image info, or Right click > Inspect element?

It's a matter of preference I think. When I right click and choose Inspect Element the Developer Tools panel pops up, and I don't likeusing it and I don't like having to close it. The right click - View image info gives you information for multiple images.

My eyes and my brain prefer less visual clutter, it takes me longer to sort through things as I age. :)

Your saying Element Properties was removed in version 3.6 and is just being restored now (version 40)? haha! That probably explains why Firefox which was once the best browser is now so terrible.

You are reading it wrong. The properties feature in the menu for images was removed from Firefox 3.6, and never restored. But, the Element Properties add-on restores this feature.

Unfortunately Firefox has recently developed the annoying habit of dropping support for a variety of add-ons with each version upgrade so you can never know how long any of them might continue to work as you intended. Usually an alternative addon can be located but you never get an explanation as to why you had to part with your favorite.

I believe this has more to do with changing requirements so that the people who develop add-ons have more hoops to jump through. Element Properties was built in to versions of Firefox previous to Firefox 3.6 - that's why I like this add-on so much. It's all a bit much to keep track of, between the built in "features" that come and go and add-ons new, old, and no longer supported you could spend a good bit of time keeping up. :)
Yes Anupam, that is exactly what I'm saying, thanks for clearing that up. :)