Firefox Extension of the Week (The Mother of all Extensions!)


Aug 23 - Aug 29

Like a mother protects and cares for her child, how about a Firefox extension that looks after all your other Extensions and nearly every Preference you want in Firefox to be backed up? angelPerforming a backup before upgrading an extension lets you to revert back to the older version if the new one didn't work for you, so your life becomes much easier. Moreover if an extension is no longer supported but if you still like it and don't feel like moving on without it, you can snatch it out of the bowels of Firefox and keep it archived. You can be glad that you still have backup of your extensions, themes, passwords etc during the time you re-install your O.S or when you are at workplace or at your friends house, and avoid going through all the labour of installing over again. I can imagine your relief and joy that you found out this add-on. smiley


FEBEFEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) allows you to quickly and easily backup and restore all of your installed Firefox extensions and themes. It does this by rebuilding individual installable .xpi (or .jar for themes) files that you can put on CD, Flash Drive or long forgotten floppies and install on another computer. The latest version of FEBE goes beyond backing up extensions & themes, as it can also optionally backup your bookmarks, preferences, cookies, passwords and more. You can even backup your entire profile in just one step. Now you'll be glad to have your browsers synchronized on your home and office computers. 

Backups can either be performed either on-demand or by scheduling it daily, weekly or monthly. After installation, go to Tools->FEBE->FEBE Options->Directory and set your Backup destination directory. To start a backup, go to Tools->FEBE->Perform backup. FEBE can also backup/restore your extension settings if you choose to. Backup types include full profile or selective backup. A profile backup is a single file in a zip format that is a mirror image of the state of Firefox at the time the backup is performed and selective backup offers individual options. Using "Quick Backup" option that allows your extensions/themes to be backed up into a single, installable file. See Tools > FEBE > Quick Backup.

You may Restore your backups by going to Tools->FEBE->Restore and selectively restore your extensions, bookmarks, etc by specifying the corresponding directory where your backup is present. If you would like to restore all your extensions/themes all at once, you can either use CLEO which is a companion extension to FEBE which will backup extensions and themes into a single installable .xpi file, or use windows explorer for same purpose (drag and drop into firefox extensions menu after selecting the items from windows explorer)

Sit back and be glad that FEBE is right there for you, when you need it the most. My thanks to Anupam for suggesting this extension. yes

Firefox - MozBackup
Chrome - Use Sync with Google account from the options menu
Opera - FavBackup

Go Back-up! See you next week...wink

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