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Mar 31 - Apr 06

It would be hard to find someone who doesn't use a download manager these days. If you require any or all of the following: faster downloads, scheduling, resuming incomplete downloads, bulk downloading, downloading media and URLs; then yes, you definitely need a download manager! cool

What if you want the download manager, of your preference, to be supported and integrated completely for Firefox? Do you want to grab & filter all/selected links and images found on the current page, or across multiple tabs through one-click and transfer them to the download manager? Would you like to download any streaming music or videos with ease?blush Then you need this add-on! 


FlashGot, an open source add-on for Firefox, is used to handle single as well as massive downloads, with several external download managers. Note that FlashGot isn't a download tool instead, it transfers downloadable addresses to an external download manager. 
Once installed, go to the General tab in the options menu, and select which download manager you want to integrate with Firefox. FlashGot provides six commands for downloads:
  • FlashGot Link downloads the link under the mouse pointer
  • FlashGot Selection catches highlighted text/images, attaches text to anchor conversion, and even automatic password insertion to password protected files
  • FlashGot All grabs and dispatches all links on the current page, then filters and selects files for batch downloading
  • FlashGot Tabs does the above function for every tab page
  • FlashGot Media, the status bar icon flashes when there are any streaming video or audio clips on the current page, for transferring media downloads (single stream->left click, multiple streams->right click)
  • Build Gallery, captures media from serial contents scattered on several pages and synthesizes them to a gallery on a single page, for easier and fast "Download all".
Now, you're on the road to easier and care-free downloading! Enjoy! wink

AlternativesSimple-Get for Chrome

Happy downloading! See you next week...smiley

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