Firefox Extension of the Week (Enter This Restricted Zone!)


Jun 19 - Jun 25

This is a Restricted Zone: No Trespassing! cheeky When was the last time that you saw this sign and you were left with no other option but to surrender your hopes. Well, have you experienced the same while you were browsing through various sites? If you were restricted from selecting, copy-pasting the text, accessing right click options, drag & drop functionality etc. on a webpage, then check out this add-on. 

Right to Click

I'm sure many times you were not allowed to copy the contents of copyrighted books or so, because text selection etc. were not supported. People are nuts about protecting their websites from unauthorized copying. RightToClick allows you break down this barrier between you and the webpage and easily get things done, with a single click. 
Webmasters protect their webpages mainly using Javascript. RightToClick thus removes most of these javascript annoyances. The add-on also helps when page functionality has been disabled from non Javascript options, like disabling CSS styles to access certain elements and fetching images. (You'll have to enable this feature manually in options menu). RightToClick also does more by disabling pages with Javascript timers enabled, disarms event listeners etc.  
Make sure you have Add-on bar enabled to use RightToClick (RTC) or you can setup a shortcut key for RTC easily using the options menu. You can enable the Add-on bar by right clicking on an empty tab strip within your Firefox browser. If RTC fails on certain webpages, please check the option Do not allow pages to protect their scripts from the Advanced options tab in RTC menu. 
Alternatives: Chrome - Allow Right Click

Happy Trespassing! See you next week...smiley

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