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Sep 15 - Sep 21

Users love to customize their start page and new tab pages the way they like. Some who do not prefer attraction go for a blank page, while others want it to look intuitive to make web browsing easier. The best of all start and new tab pages in my opinion is a SpeedDial page that Opera introduced first. Why? It's very convenient as all your favourite sites are within your reach. You have everything right in front of you on a page, saving you time to leaf through countless bookmarks. Not only did it become widely popular but other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE followed suit in displaying websites in the form of thumbnails on your startup screen. Here we've a winner among all the Speed Dials that I've used so far.

FVD Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial offers you simple and convenient access to all your favourite websites. It has a cool design, in fact the best of all SpeedDials I've used. It will surely impress you because of its user friendly interface. You can create custom background templates within the browser window and change the look of your browser completely. Creating custom logos for websites is really easy from the huge library of logos provided. You may even hide your dials by just double clicking on the space near the search box. The best part is that FVD Speed Dial didn't affect the system's operating speed even though I had around 25 dials. I was really amazed by the sheer amount of customization options available! surprise

There are 3 main modes for FVD Speed Dial:

Speed Dial: It allows for creating your own dials. Just add the url of the dial, select a group which you prefer and then give an appropriate title for the website. You may also customize the dial size and the number of dials, and even create groups for dials, like Popular, Work, School, Entertainment, etc., and these are arranged conveniently as tabs for easy access.

Most Visited: It lists the sites that you visit most often. You may choose to show the top 25 or more sites sorted by the number of visits or date within a fixed period of time.

Recently Closed: If you have closed a page by mistake and don't know how to find it again, you can see it in this category. You may choose the number of sites to be listed. 

The newest version offers full syncing feature that lets you acess your dials across computers. You may also backup your dials and import/export dials from the most popular SpeedDial plugins. You may also block websites by url or domain that you deem as inappropriate for your family or children. Power users may access the options to customize color of titles and url's from a flexible palette of colors available, set font size and more.

My thanks to Panzer for recommending this extension! yes FVD Speed Dial works on Chrome and Firefox. 

Firefox - New Tab King, Speed DialSuperStart, FastDial
Chrome - SpeedDial 2, EverTab, Start!

Happy Dialing! See you next week...smiley


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