Firefox Extension Makes Youtube Better


There are few better ways to waste a couple of leisurely hours at your PC than exploring the delights of Youtube. A free extension for Firefox, which was updated to a new version last week, makes the whole experience even better. Just install the add-in, and all of your Youtube videos will automatically select the highest possible resolution (or any other option, if you prefer), your preferred screen size, your preferred volume setting, and lots of other custom settings too.

Which means you spend more time watching and less time adjusting.

The browser extension is called YouTube High Definition and you'll find it at

You'll need Firefox to install it, as it's not currently available for any other browser.


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Not bad but I prefer and have been using this for a couple of years is Magic Actions -

Nice tip, rob. I will try it... thank you! :-)

I actually prefer the Stylish Firefox addon which when used in conjunction with Userstyles webpage allows for customization of not only You-tube but many of the other popular sites such as Google, Twitter, Wikipedia and others.