Firefox Extension Improves Web Page Readability


Firefox readability extension imageReading an article on a web page can sometimes be difficult, because you're distracted by dozens of other text and image boxes on the screen. Reader is an add-on for Firefox which automatically identifies the significant text content on the current page and presents it in a format that's easy to read, with no other distractions. It's like copying the news story from your current browser window into a text editor, but all done with a single click on a single button in your browser.

You can even change the font, size and colour of the article you're viewing if you're not happy with the defaults (though you probably will be, as it's a vast improvement over trying to read the article in your browser.

To get the add-on, open Firefox and then head to to download it. It's malware-free, according to the scanner on my PC, and is free of charge.





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This is a correction to my previous comment. My reference to Readitlater should have been to Readability, and I was wrong to say that articles in paid-for websites are truncated. This is, however, true of Instapaper Text, which comes with Instapaper.

Having tried various extensions of this type (and Windows 10's Reader View), the one I now use is Clearly by Evernote. Although it is designed for use with Evernote it works fine on its own - I usually use the Print icon to print the result to a PDF. Most competitors do not produce live links in a PDF copy, but Clearly picks up links and converts them to footnotes - still not clickable, but you can at least see what the link is.

Regarding viewing slideshows on sites as a single page, I've had success with PageZipper. You wind up scrolling down a lot, but it's much faster than clicking through the slideshows.

It would be nice if there was a program/ app that would allow one to view the many slideshows on sites as a single page. It is VERY frustrating trying to click through all those slides otherwise and i thus avoid those sites.

If anyone is aware of a solution to this annoyance please post. Anyone else have this same annoyance?

Love it! Thanks for the article.

I use Instapaper. There is a problem with both this and Readitlater, however, which is that where the website is subscription only (such as The Times, London), only the truncated (public) version is converted. The reason is obviously that the conversion is done online, Instapaper accessing the page. I have long wanted an add-on that did the conversion locally, to avoid that problem. Reader evidently does just that. However, it does not always render the article (in the case of The Times), but the readers' comments instead. Also, as someone else has noted, it freezes on returning to the original page.

Well, I prefer the native feature "Reader View".
It does it sufficiently good for my bad, old eyes AND it is not an extension.
I recently read that Mozilla in a future version supposedly will drop support of extensions altogether, so I will not get more and more of them.

If you don't want to use an add-on for this, you can just use the "Reader View" button now built in to the address bar in the latest version of Firefox.