Finds of the Week: Stop Videos from Playing Automatically, 75 Free Classic Audio Books, Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts, Puzzle Prime


Finds of the WeekFinds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

Prevent Videos from Auto Playing in Your Web Browser
This thorough and helpful article tells you how to stop video from automatically playing in web browsers. Directions are listed for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge, and Vivaldi. This won't prevent animated GIF's from playing automatically in your web browser, to change that check out this article: How to Stop Animated GIFs From Playing in Your Web Browser

Hear 75 Free, Classic Audio Books on Spotify: Austen, Joyce, Bukowski, Kafka, Vonnegut, Poe, Shakespeare, Kerouac & More
Here’s a little known tip. If you open Spotify, click “Browse” (in the left hand nav), then scroll way down to “Word,” you will find a number of free audiobook collections. This article at Open Culture has direct links to 75 classic audiobooks and a link to download Spotify's free software. If you want to catch up on some classics and like audiobooks, this makes it easy.

Complete list of Windows 10 (and 7 and 8.1) Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts can save time and increase productivity. Often they are easier to use than the mouse. Here's a list of the keyboard shortcuts from Microsoft for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Choose which Windows version shortcuts you want to see by clicking the drop down box at the top of the article.

Puzzle Prime
Puzzle lovers will enjoy the wide variety of  quality puzzles, games, brain teasers, logic video games, and optical illusions at this site. You'll also find web comics, jokes, quizzes and puzzle reviews, and a newsletter you can subscribe to. Puzzle Prime was created by people who love math and the content is both ad free and carefully curated. In the Brain Teasers section alone, you'll find warm up, easy, medium, advanced, hard, and expert categories.
You may find ads on some of the puzzles that aren't hosted at the site, and some video puzzles aren't optimized for mobile but they are clearly labeled. A good place to while away some time, or, as the site says, the better way to procrastinate.

You can find more Tech Treats here.



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Nice finds rhiannon, as usual. Thanks!

My pleasure. :)

Thanks rhiannon. The tip on how to stop playing videos automatically, is really useful. Was wondering about that.

Thanks Anupam. :) Things that move on my monitor bother me unless I initiate it......that, and having limited bandwidth and a low bandwidth cap have provided me ongoing motivation to find ways to reduce the amount of bandwidth that web pages are able to use without my permission and knowledge. Facebook also has a setting that allows you set videos and animated GIF's to click to play.