Finds of the Week: Paste Text on Sites that Block It, NoSquint Plus for Firefox and Chrome, Instant Logo Search, Windows 95 in a Browser


Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

How to Enable Pasting Text on Sites That Block It
I copy and paste text often. Probably several times a day. Some things, like email addresses, are more likely to be accurate if they are copied and pasted instead of typed. Some sites, for whatever reason, block that capability. Here's two ways to get around that - in Firefox, by modifying an about:config setting, and for Chrome, an extension. If you use Opera and want to install the extension, here's how to How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera. Other Chromium based browsers like Vivaldi and UCBrowser can use Chrome extensions natively.
Note: Vivaldi is a new browser being developed by Jon S. von Tetzchner, co-founder and former CEO of Opera. I've been using it since early beta. It's at version 1.2 and coming along nicely. I recommend it for power users, Opera fans, and anyone interested in a new browser with well thought out features. The team is very responsive to ideas, feedback and issues. Here's Ars Technica recent review.

NoSquint Plus for Firefox and Chrome
If you miss the No Squint add-ons, you'll be glad to know there's a new add-on for Firefox and Chrome that has the same functionality. NoSquint Plus overrides the default text-only and full-page (both text and images) zoom levels for all websites, enforces your own foreground and background colors, remembers your zoom levels and color settings per site and automatically applies them when you return. Hit the link above for an overview or go for the direct downloads here:
NoSquint Plus for Firefox
NoSquint Plus for Chrome

Instant Logo Search
Search & download thousands of logos instantly. If you've ever needed to search for an official logo for whatever reason, you'll be glad to know about this site. It's a relatively new site but it's been growing fast so you have a good chance of finding a logo for popular or well known sites, services, or companies.

Windows 95 - In Your Browser
It's a big download, it's on the slow side, it's a blast from the past, and it was done for the fun of it. It's Windows 95 running in an emulated CPU, created by an (at the time) teenager who never used the operating system but wanted to wish Windows 95 a Happy 20th Year Birthday. Worth noting: "You can fiddle around and have a bit of nostalgia (or, if you are one of the newer generations, a learning experience), but anything you do won't be saved, it's entirely ephemeral. This is because the disk image resides in a temporary filesystem (i.e. your device's RAM) and will be lost once you leave the page".
(via Tech Republic)

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I've looked at Vivaldi.

I'm still using Real Opera - from prior to the current Chrome-based abortion - and Vivaldi resembles it fairly well - except that its bookmark handling and implementation of Speed Dial are like the new Opera - which is to say, virtually useless.

Every tech website I visit seems to have something to say about Vivaldi. Much hype. Extremely sluggish loading of pages.

I experienced slow page loads with Vivaldi in early versions, but with the latest versions (1.1 and 1.2) pages load as fast as the 4 different browsers I use on a daily basis. Otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned or linked to it. YMMV. :)

Excellent finds Rhi. I've come across a couple of websites that don't allow copy & paste of passwords which is very frustrating when they expect you to remember a 16 character sequence off the top of your head. I've been searching for a way to get around that. No Squint is a must have add-on for me. One of it's best features is the ability to change backgrounds of sites such as Gizmo's which are primarily white. This results in much less eye strain particularly when using these sites at night.

I agree, I have some 20 character passwords that combine upper and lower case letters, numerals and the keyboard characters. I copy and paste them from a password manager..........thus the search for a work around. :)

I use a password manager too but the websites I was referring to (MSN may have been one) don't allow copy & paste of passwords from that source or apparently any other (eg. Stickies). I will try that configuration tweak you mentioned to see if that can solve the problem.

I copy the passwords in the password manager, and then paste them into the fields. It's extra steps but it's better than typing.