Finds of the Week: Microsoft Support Lifecycle, Exit Chrome Completely, Create Invoices Online for Free, Word Spy


Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle
If you've ever wondered how long a particular Microsoft product is supported by Microsoft, you can find the answer here. You can search by product family, alphabetically, or the name of the product. From the site: "Microsoft provides Support Lifecycle policy, giving customers consistent, transparent, and predictable timelines for which software is supported.
The Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy standardizes Microsoft product support policies for Business, Developer, and Desktop Operating System Software Products; Consumer Software and Multimedia Software Products; Hardware; and Online Services."

Exit Chrome Completely by Closing Background Apps, Extensions and Processes
I've come across several programs over the years that leave parts of themselves running in the background after they've been closed. Google's Chrome browser is one of them, gobbling up a good bit of system resources while doing so. This article has directions for temporarily or permanently preventing Chrome from running after you thought you closed it. :)

4 Online Tools to Instantly Create Invoices for Free
Whether you run a business or just need to create the occasional invoice, these online tools can make the process easier. These four services are basically create, download and send, with no registration required. If you want something more, some of the listed services have paid plans. If you're looking for more features, I recommend Invoiceberry, they have a Forever Free account if you need to generate a small number of invoices.

Word Spy
Word Spy is a little different from most "learn a new word a day" sites. It features new words that are making their way into common or popular use. On their Facebook page (no Facebook account needed to view the page), Word Spy says they are "...devoted to "lexpionage," the sleuthing of new words and phrases that have appeared in print and online." If you like new words, check them out.

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