Finds of the Week (March 9, 2012)

Finds of the week is a collection of sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). =)

A Guide to Customizing the New Tab Page in Google Chrome
I'm (sort of) getting used to features showing up and disappearing on Google Chrome. When the new tab button went from a tab with a + sign to it's current appearance, I didn't think much about it until I ran across this article. If you use Google Chrome you'll want to have a look.

Geek 101: How to install Android apps
I love articles like this. If you're using something new to you a basic how-to is priceless.

How To Open Multiple Explorer Windows
No matter how long I've been using computers I keep in mind that there are many things I have yet to learn. This very short tip fixes one of my ongoing biggest frustration with Windows Explorer - needing more than one window open at a time.
The tip is for Windows 7 but it seems like it would work on other versions of Windows.

7 Hidden Features Of Mac OS X Lion
"...These secret Mac OS X Lion features are less popular than other well-known features".
I don't have a Mac so I can't say for sure if these tips are useful but they look good to me. :)

Download The Biggest Library of Windows 7 Shortcuts
You can make each of these shortcuts manually, but with this batch of shortcuts, why would you want to? According to the blog post, these shortcuts work on any computer. Some of the tools though, are available only on certain Windows 7 versions so their shortcuts will not work if you have a version which does not include them. The collection was made using Windows 7 Ultimate.
(via The How-To Geek)


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by crank on 10. March 2012 - 14:11  (90181)

For one more way, right click the taskbar and the jump list appears, it will have a choice for "windows explorer", the original pinned shortcut. This also gives you access to 'Properties' for that jump item. There are so many great hot-keys, and I use AutoHotKey for total customization, which is marvelous, now all I need is a functioning brain that can actually remember more than a few of them.

by pottster on 13. March 2012 - 13:07  (90314)

I find that for some of the AutoHotKey scripts I use less frequently it works to use a launcher like SlickRun to run the script and then I only have to remember the descriptive name rather than the hotkey combination.

by Jojo Yee on 10. March 2012 - 0:47  (90156)

The quickest and easiest way to open multiple windows of Windows Explorer for me is to hold down the Windows Key and press the E key, as many times as you want.

This shortcut key Win+E is also the easiest one to remember and you will never forget it as the shortcut key spells for itself :)

by rhiannon on 10. March 2012 - 3:29  (90159)

Thanks Jojo, I don't think I'll forget that one. :)

by pottster on 10. March 2012 - 0:13  (90155)

The tip to open multiple explorer windows by holding down the shift key when clicking on the taskbar icon having clicked once already actually applies to the other taskbar icons as well.

by rhiannon on 10. March 2012 - 3:31  (90160)

@pottster; Thanks for the information. I figured it was one of those standard Windows things that works across most all editions of Windows. :)

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