Finds of the Week: Know when to use a JPG and when to use a PNG, How to Put Free eBooks on Your Kindle, Printable Productivity Tools, Linguistic Anonymity on the Internet


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Know when to use a JPG and when to use a PNG
If you have a blog or are interested in knowing when to use which of these image formats, Scott Hanselman gives a quick overview on when to use what. :)

How to Put Free eBooks on Your Kindle
I downloaded some free eBooks the other day and realized I didn't know how to add them to my Kindle. If you find yourself in the same boat here's how. :)

Printable Productivity Tools
In spite of the many things technology can do, I admit, I still love paper and pencil. Or paper and pen. My to do list usually lives in a sketch book. :) Here's a useful and well done collection of printable tools for planning, shopping, scheduling, research, time keeping and more.

How to Disappear Completely: Linguistic Anonymity on the Internet
From the article: "Is online anonymity even linguistically feasible? Is language use on the Internet always gendered? Can male and female speakers be detected through their communication styles?"
The article raises some interesting issues I've been dealing with on a personal level for many years, specifically, how avoiding harassment and abuse have been part of my normal online routine for years. It also opens up a discussion of the larger concepts of language use on the internet. Food for thought, and definitely worth a read if you're at all interested the subject.

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I think Kindle provides a free reader app that can be downloaded but it only works with free ebooks downloaded through Amazon. Calibre is an alternative free program that will let you read free ebooks from other sources. It seems to offer updates every week which can be somewhat annoying though. If your just looking to access ebooks that are available at your local library using Overdrive is probably the way to go.

I haven't used Calibre for quite a while, it's a good program. Overdrive is great, but to date no local libraries near me participate. :)