Finds of the Week: JPG vs. PNG?, Discover the Difference Between Similar Terms & Objects, Learn to Tie Knots Easily, Everything eBook


Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across that are fun, interesting, or useful, tech related or not. I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

Know when to use a JPG and when to use a PNG and always Squish them both
A quick review from Scott Hanselman on JPG's and PNG's and when to use them.

Discover the Difference Between Similar Terms and Objects is a great site to discover the difference between similar things - mostly terms and objects. I stumbled across it when I was looking for the difference between a browser and search engine. There's a good collection of categories to browse if you don't have a specific topic in mind.  

Learn to Tie Knots the Fun and Easy Way
I love this site - the animations make it easy to see how a knot is tied. There are sections for various kinds of knots such as decorative, fishing, climbing, boating, basic knots and more. The section on what rope to use is excellent.

Everything eBook
The eBook reader is a great stop if you own or are thinking of owning an eBook. Information of which eBook to choose, Reviews, How-To Guides, eReader software and apps all in one place.

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I'll give another vote for the knot-tying site. And their downloadable program looks cheap enough too.

And as someone with an expensive, pre-paid wireless internet connection, I HATE it when a web site uses a huge PNG file when a little JPG would have done as well. For example, yesterday I read a news item that led with a 1.06MB PNG of the Google headquarters.

Good Finds! I'm especially impressed with the knot-tying site. The ability to control the animations is a very nice feature. Thanks!

Ok loving I've been sharing articles from it all over the web , great website . is a really great site. I have learned a lot when surfing it. Lots of fun and interesting topics. I recomend it.
I lose a lot of time there myself. :) Glad you like it.