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Finds of the WeekFinds of the Week is a list of websites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

How To Fix Stuck Windows 10 Updates
If you happen to have a Windows 10 update that gets stuck here's a list of things you can do and how to use the Reset Windows Update Agent script to get those updates rolling again. The tips (like checking your connection and rebooting) and the Reset Windows Update Agent script can also be used in other versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10) so if you're having an update issue with a version other than Windows 10, these might fix the problem.
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7 Specialty Web Browsers You've Probably Never Explored
Google's Chrome browser may be the most used browser today but there are several alternative browsers you might want to check out. While Mozilla Firefox is my preferred browser and does all the heavy lifting day in and day out, I have several others on my system. Why look at other browsers? Maybe you want to be able to switch between Webkit, Trident, and Chromium frameworks, or want a browser that's focused on streaming. Perhaps you're looking for more privacy, a browser that views web pages in text mode, or one that has email and an HTML editor built in. If any of those ideas appeal to you, check out this list of browsers, you might find a new favorite, or in my case, one to add to my current collection.
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All the ways you can use Chrome offline
If you use Google Chrome as a browser and find yourself without a connection, you can still do a bunch of things while you're offline. You can access Gmail, use Google Drive, play downloaded MP3 tracks and MP4 movies, view your Google calendar, read articles in Pocket, and play certain games. The article has directions on how to set up some Google services for offline use, links to games and all the other information you need to use Google Chrome offline.
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Cassini: The Grand Finale: The Saturn System Through the Eyes of Cassini (eBook)
For the last 13 years Cassini has been sending valuable information and images of parts of our Solar System back to Earth. On September 15, Cassini made a last dive into Saturn's atmosphere. This free eBook from NASA is Saturn as seen through Cassini's eyes. It contains images and descriptions of Saturn with segments on Saturn's Rings, the moons Titan and Enceladus, and Saturn itself. The site itself has information, image galleries, and links about the Cassini mission if you'd like to know more.
You can read this free eBook on any device including Apple, Amazon, EPUB and PDF formats. Download sizes range from 13 to 37 MB.

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The Saturn ebook is outstanding, viewing with Calibre, there are even links to larger NASA Photojournal images...(of the ones included in the book)
Nice find rhiannon, thanks!:)

I'm happy to hear you like it. :)

I'll bet you're a daily APOD visitor.. ;)

You got me there. Yep, daily visitor for some years now. You too?

Likewise, love that site.:)
The NASA Image of the Day too,
Guess I'm a space cadet.

Thanks for the link. I've been told I'm a space cadet before, so you're not alone. :)


For those of us not familiar with the APOD acronym, it's the website Astronomy Picture of the Day: