Finds of the Week (February 19, 2012)


Finds of the week is a collection of sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). =)

100 Excellent Hints and Tips for every Computer User
This is an awesome collection of general user tips. The tips are broken down in to sections for easy accessibility. You'll find tips for Windows 7, XP, and Vista, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Email tips, and Miscellaneous tips. There's something there for everyone, long time computers users and newer computer users.

6 Free PDF eBooks on Typography
These books aren't terribly long but are handy for covering the basics and polishing the skills you may already have.
Note: Clicking on the links will start the direct download of the PDF.

How To Combine All Your Email Addresses into One Gmail Inbox
This is one of the lesser known Gmail functions; it allows you to get all your emails in a single Gmail inbox and send emails from any address whether your other email accounts are also Gmail addresses or not. There's a limit of 5 email addresses, and unless something has changed you can't set up Yahoo mail with this unless you have Yahoo Mail Premium.

6 Ways to Learn the Exact Version of Any Application You are Using
This is one of those articles that stops me in my tracks - it's so obvious and so useful that I wonder why I haven't run across it before.

Add a New Default Search Engine To Google Chrome Web Browser
This is a useful tip if you want to change the default search engine or add one that isn't listed.


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