Finds of the Week: Easy Copy and Paste Characters, Product Hunt, Empty the Recycling Bin Automatically, Free Guide to Combining Typefaces


Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

Copy Paste Character
Copy Paste Character is a web and iPhone application for copying the ‘hidden’ characters that are part of the the typefaces included in our computers. They can be pasted into emails, tweets, text documents, forums and whatever else you might need to spice up with an extra ♔, ฿ or, ❒. This useful web app is so easy to use it deserves a place in your bookmarks.
Click on the "Our Favorite Set" for a drop down menu that includes all the characters, to have them sorted alphabetically, or to display symbols, graphic shapes, arrows, punctuation, numerals, currency, emojis and more.

Product Hunt
Product Hunt is a website allows users to share new discoveries. The best description of the site is from Wikipedia: "Product Hunt is a website that lets users share and discover new products. Users submit products which are listed in a linear format by day. The site includes a comments system and a voting system similar to Hacker News or Reddit. The products with the most votes rise to the top of each day's list."
I check in regularly to find interesting things. What makes the site stand out is that only people invited to the participate in the community can post products - a curation system that practically eliminates advertising and self promotion. One thing I've noticed over time is that the new items (products) that are posted can be here one day and gone soon after, while the ones that were in existence for some time before they were listed on Product Hunt have more staying power.

How To Empty The Recycling Bin Automatically
This article gives you three ways to automatically empty the Recycle Bin in Windows—two are programs, and the last one shows you how to create a batch (.bat) file to do it for you. You can add the .bat file to Task Scheduler, though the article doesn't go into that aspect. I like to use CCleaner myself, but these other methods are worth knowing about.

Combining Typefaces: Free guide to great typography
Free downloadable PDf brought to you by head of typography for Adobe Typekit & Adobe Type. Now free, the Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces has sold thousands of copies, been used in college curricula, and been cited in conference talks by industry-leading designers.

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