Finds of the Week (Default Router Passwords, Software Licenses in Plain English, Useful Science, Hackers Tied to NSA Found at Last)


Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon, Tech Treats Editor

Default Router Passwords provides quick access to default router passwords.
If you've ever needed to find the password for your router or are setting one up and the router and the documentation that came with it are in two different locations you'll find this site very handy. This site is much easier than going to the manufacturers site and trying to find the default password for any given router.

Software Licenses in Plain English
Over the years I've read every Software License, EULA (End-User License Agreement) and ToS (Terms of Service Agreement) that needed my agreement. Not because I like to read such things (I find them to be, for the most part, yawn inducing documents) but because I wanted to know what was in the fine print so that no unpleasant surprises would pop up. This site gives short summaries of Code Licenses, EULAs, ToS and Software Licenses in understandable terms. If you hover over the Rules boxes below the titles you get a brief summary of the license requirements, clicking on the license gives more details. I can see my yawns per license mileage dropping way down. :)
Note: a few of the license titles contain expletives.

Useful Science
I enjoy sites that give brief, accurate information on various topics, and ones that provide links to the source of the data are my favorites. This is one of those sites. From the site: "Science is useful in daily life, and we’re making it easy to find. From improving ADHD symptoms to exercising better and even optimizing noise levels for creativity, we’ll tell you about it in 5 seconds or less." The colorful tabs at the top make finding a category to browse very easy.

How “Omnipotent” Hackers Tied to NSA Hid for 14 Years (and were found at last)
Ars Technica has been on of my favorite sites for the majority of years I've been on the internet. There's always compelling content on the site, but this article, while a little on the technical side, is something I put on my "must read" list because of the impact the information had on me. I highly recommend reading it.
Note: researchers stopped short of saying these hackers are tied to the NSA—but they provided detailed evidence that strongly implicates the US spy agency.

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I found the Default Router Passwords a real time saver.

Useful Science is a great find as well, although if you are super curious about lots of different science-related subjects, it can get like a book you just can't put down until it's way past time to sleep :))

The ArsTechnica story on Equation is super interesting. I have been reading about this for a while on various security sites, but this story is well put together and very up-to-date.

I suggest that interested parties go to https:/ for this kind of information as well. Fantastic Organization.

Thank you, rhiannon. for posting these great treats. Go Gizmo's!