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Finds of the WeekCreating Strong Passwords
Making up strong passwords and pass phrases doesn't come easily to most of us, so I've rounded up a few resources that make it easier. Pass phrases are easier to remember than random password strings. Here are three sources for creating memorable pass phrases. The Pass Phrase Generator will create multi-word pass phrases and is the easiest to use. You can specify how many strings of phrases you want, how many words in each phrase and a few more options. xkpasswd is a highly customizable password generator, inspired by the xkcd cartoons. Playing around with it generated some memorable pass phrases but it take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the interface. Passphrases That You Can Memorize — But That Even the NSA Can’t Guess is an article that outlines how to use Diceware to create pass phrases and has some good overall password information and advice. Random password strings are hard to remember and are more easily used with password programs. Secure Password Generator is a good site for generating random passwords, letting you choose among several variables to get a password that works for a given situation. There's also a long list of common sense suggestions at the end of the page. Most password managers have the capability to generate strong passwords as well, here's our choices for the Best Free Password Managers.

Why and how to calibrate a monitor in Windows
Not all monitors are created equal, if you want to get the best display for your monitor then this article on using the built in Windows "Display Color Calibration" wizard is for you. It's particularly helpful if you have a multi-monitor setup. Using the Display Color Wizard is the same in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7, though the article uses Windows 10 to illustrate the process.

Web Sudoku
Sudoku fans will enjoy this site, it has "billions of free Sudoku puzzles to play online". You can print puzzles to complete offline or share with friends, select levels that range from easy to evil, configure the puzzle timer, and change the background (light, medium or dark). There's even a short interactive tutorial for beginners. There are also apps for Android and iPad so you can play on the go.

Microsoft Edge has a PDF bug
Microsoft Edge (the built in browser in Windows 10) has a printer-display bug when it comes to printing PDF files. While the bug doesn't happen with every printer, it can change words, symbols and formatting in PDF files. The bug seems to disappear when an alternative PDF program is used instead of the default Microsoft "Print to PDF". While Adobe Reader is popular, it has its issues. If you're looking for a good alternative PDF reader, have a look at our Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader category. 

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Mercifully, the Edge in my Win 10x64 functions well. On technical and research documents in PDF format, I use the 'search' function heavily. Edge is the fastest. All others are slow. The only problem I find with Edge is that it doesn't support 'Google Input' languages for writing comments like this (in vernacular languages of India etc). For Asians, it is really a problem.

The lack of support for languages would be an issue I would think. :)