Finds of the Week: Bulk Delete Gmail / Change Account Name In Windows 10 / Meme Database / Download 20,000 Artworks for Free


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How To Bulk Delete Gmail Emails – 3 Easy Ways
If you access Gmail directly via the web interface you know it can be difficult to perform certain operations easily. Deleting email can be a time consuming process. This article outlines 3 ways to delete email: using search operators, using labels, and as a last resort, deleting all the email in your account. Tip: you can use an email client (such as Thunderbird) to handle Gmail on Windows. BlueMail on mobile devices is a good free option, it handles multiple accounts with ease and runs on Android, iOS and is available in the amazon app store.
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How to Change Your Account Name in Windows 10
If you're like me, when you install an operating system and it asks for name, I often type in whatever pops into my head at the moment because I'm busy installing an operating system and not thinking about account names. Changing your account name in Windows 10 is a little different than in previous versions of Windows. Here are the steps you'll need to take if you decide you want to change your account name to something other than what popped into your head during installation (or for any other reason). 

Know Your Meme - Internet Meme Database
Someone asked me the other day what being Rickrolled meant. Rather than attempt to explain the phenomenon, I directed them to Know Your Meme. Know Your Meme tracks and researches internet memes and other viral phenomena. Research is handled by a good editorial and research staff and is a reliable place to find out all kinds of interesting information. As a side note, the site contains expletives in content and comments.
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Download 20,000 High-Res Artworks For Free
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has made 20,000 of their high-res TIF images available to download for free. Paintings, glass, jewelry, woodcuts and more are some of the types of artwork you can download. To download free images, just check the 'Show public domain images only' box next to the search box. (via)

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As for the first tip on Bulk Delete:
For many people it will probably be better not to delete bulk mails until the Gmail limit of storage is approaching (which may take a while).
The reasons: 1) you risk to delete mails you may want later, and 2) you use time researching which mails to delete.
As for “cluttering” of the inbox, a simple technique can be used to clean up:
1) star mark all those mails you want to look at later (note that there are several “star markings” (keep clicking to see them all).
2) archive the rest.
That way your inbox is always cleaned up. You can still search all mails in the archive with all the search options. You can even move mails from the archive back to the inbox when needed.

Archiving is a good option. :)