Finds of the Week: Almost Every File Format, Billions of Free Sudoku, Light Browser, Easy Journaling, Computer & Internet Basics, xkcd web comic


Finds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

Almost Every File Format In The World
This is a handy list to find out what program(s) a file format belongs to, new and old. How old? It lists the After Dark Screensaver format, which ran on Windows 3.1. I still miss the flying toasters and the accompanying music. :)

Billions Of Free Sudoku Puzzles To Play On The Web
Sudoku lovers will find plenty of challenges at this site. You can choose Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil levels, with puzzle variations like JigSawDoku, Fill -a-Pix, Link-a-Pix and Hashi for a little more challenge. The the Daily Printable Sudoku Variation (with weekly archives) is great if you like your Sudoku on paper.

Light Is A Firefox-Based Lightweight & Minimal Web Browser For Windows
I've enjoyed using this browser for a few weeks now. It's a lighter weight browser than Firefox that retains much of the functionality and supports most of the same add-ons that Firefox does. If you, or someone you know are having probelms this would be a good option to try.
via Addictive Tips

Keep A Daily Journal With OhLife
OhLife helps you remember what's happened in your life by sending you daily email asking "How did your day go?" Your reply is stored at the OhLife site that you can reach at any time. Manual entries can be made at the site, and all your information can be exported as a text file. OhLife has a time capsule that lets you send a letter to you future self - pick a date in the future when you want the letter mailed, write your letter, add your email address and your letter will be emailed on the date you've chosen. Out of all the online journals I've come across, OhLife is the easiest one I've seen; reply to the email and you're done. :)

Computer and Internet Basics
There are a lot of tutorials and free classes on a variety of subjects on this site but I was really impressed with the Computer and Internet Basics tutorials. They are clear, easy to understand, and best of all, aimed at anyone new to computing.

One more thing: xkcd webcomic This comic is probably familiar to most of you, but for those who may have missed it I'm adding it here. xkcd is an online comic. The humor can be a wee bit on the techy side of things but is worth a visit anyway. :)

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Thanks a BIG BUNCH for the link to Computer And Internet Basics.

It looks like I *finally* have something to give to those of my customers that want to learn.

You're quite welcome. I'm glad you found the website useful.:)


Thanks so much for mentioning xkcd. I've been following it for several years and just love it.

Oh, and don't forget to place your cursor over the comic to read the additional comment in the image tag.

Readers should make sure to check into two of the links in the upper left corner: Blags (yeah, like blogs, but nothing on the site is quite normal) and What If? where the author takes interesting but outlandish hypothetical questions and submits them to a very thorough analysis using science, math and statistics. And ends up with some surprising and amusing conclusions.


(BTW: Love your Finds of the Week and look forward to it weekly!)

I've been reading xkcd too since 2010. It's a very good, humorous, and weird comics I read. :)

And to the author, Rhiannon, thanks for including it in this review. :)

Thanks for the additional information about xkcd. I think new viewers will find it useful :)