Finds of the Week: Addictive trivia quizzes, Edge gets extensions, Restart Windows Explorer manually, Blogging for beginners


Fnds of the Week logoFinds of the Week is a list of web sites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

Sporcle: Addictive Trivia Quizzes
If you love trivia, quizzes and learning new things, you'll love Sporcle. It has several types of quizzes in 15 categories such as sports, geography, music, movies, television, science, gaming, entertainment and more.You can play with or without an account, but features like scoring, tracking and commenting require an account.

Microsoft Edge gets free extensions
With the release of Windows Anniversary Windows 10 updates, Edge (Microsoft's built in web browser) gets the ability to use extensions. Here's a recent list of the extensions that work with Edge. Among them you'll find Evernote, AdBlock and AdBlock Plus, Pocket, the Pinterest Pin It button and more.

How To Restart Windows Explorer Manually
Every now and then a program will stop Windows Explorer (not to be confused with the web browser Internet Explorer), while I'm in the middle of something. Here's a way to get Windows Explorer back up and running instead of rebooting the computer.

Blogging for Beginners
Design blog Noupe has a three part series on blogging for beginners. If you're interested in starting a blog or want an idea of what's involved, this a good overview and has some good resources. The series highlights Blogger and WordPress, and focuses on WordPress. A search for free themes for whatever platform you choose will bring up tons of choices. I'm linking to all three articles here, because as far as I can tell, the three articles aren't linked to each other.
Blogging for Beginners: Choosing Platform and Domain [#1]
Blogging for Beginners Vol. 2: Plugin Basics, Theme Choice
Blogging for Beginners Vol. 3: Tips for Addictive Content

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What's on the front page usually keeps me busy, but overall, probably the "Just for fun" category is where I spend most time. I like the anagram ladders a lot.

Oh thats good :).

Sporcle has some really addictive quizzes. I have been playing the movies category a lot :D.

I'm glad you're enjoying the site. Movies would not be one of the categories I succeed often in. :)


I had thought the movies category would be easy, but it's not so. There are some good quizzes there, which are not that easy to solve.

Which category do you enjoy most?