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Finds of the WeekFinds of the Week is a list of websites I've come across lately that are interesting, fun, or useful (or all three). I hope you enjoy them. -Rhiannon

13 Gorgeous Free Printable Calendars For 2018
Here's a nice roundup of calendars in different styles for 2018. Some are black and white, some basic, some decorative - hopefully you'll find something that you'll like here. Looking for something a little more unusual? These 12 sided Dodecahedron Cube Calendars come in black and white and a variety of patterns, are easy to print, and pretty easy to cut out and assemble.
(Note: site contains animated ads and some inline ads that may be confusing, and an ad that spans that bottom of the site)

Make Any Web Page Print Friendly & PDF
Print Friendly is a useful tool - it removes ads, navigation elements and general web page clutter when you print a web page, saving you ink and paper. It will also save a web page as a PDF file. You can use their web interface or install their browser extension (Firefox, Chrome, Edge. IE, Safari. iPad/iPhone, Android, and a bookmarklet for browser toolbars.

How to Use Android without Google Play Services
Google is integrated into many places of many people's lives. Some of are comfortable with it, some of us are not. If you'd like to part ways with Google on an Android phone, this article outlines two ways you can do that. Basically you can root your Android phone, or find an alternative for the Google apps that are usually installed on Android based phones.
(Note: site contains animated ads and some inline ads that may be confusing)

Linux Mint Installation Guide
More and more people are turning to Linux as an alternative to other operating systems. Linux Mint is one of the more popular versions (known as distros, short for distributions. Different companies make various flavors of Linux). This guide is a very well done overview and guide to installing Linux Mint - it starts with choosing which version to use and proceeds step by step from there. If you want to test drive Mint you can do that by running it from a USB flash drive or DVD without installing anything on your computer.

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Thank you! This is a very useful article. I appreciate what you do.

Thanks for your kind words. :) Happy New Year!

FWIW I've installed dozens of Linux flavors using this..It's never failed,excellent bit of gear,easy as ABC..used it to install Mint yesterday :)

Oh thanks for the link! :)

You're welcome. Happy New Year. :)

Thanks rhiannon. Another interesting reading :)