Finding A Simple Free FTP Program


Welcome to 2015.  I hope you had a good Christmas/Winterval.  I was lucky enough to be on the banks of the River Thames in London at midnight to see the new year fireworks, and very good they were too.  I'm hoping it will only be a couple more days until my hands have fully warmed up again!

Now I'm back in the office, one of the things I need to do is to maintain my web site.  The File Transfer Prototcol, or FTP, is still the most common way of uploading files to a remote web server.  It's also a quick and easy way to send files to any remote networked device such as a NAS storage box.  And while there are plenty of excellent paid-for FTP programs around, there are also some perfectly good free ones too.

I've always been a user of FileZilla. However, when I tried to update it to the most recent version the other day, it was flagged by my antivirus program.  In addition, 6 of the scanners in the VirusTotal system reckons it contains malware too.  This may be a false positive, or perhaps the fault of the built-in system that tries to sell you other products, but it was sufficient to convince me that I need to look elsewhere.

Core FTP Lite Edition, or CoreFTP LE, has been around for a while and is regularly updated.  It's a free FTP client program that adheres to the typical layout of just about every FTP program out there.  Source computer on the left, destination on the right, and a button to move the highlighted files in whichever direction you wish.  It works very well, and has pretty much all the features you'll need, and the most recent version (2.2) was released in November 2014.

CoreFTP LE is a 4.5 MB download from and is malware-free according to Web of Trust and VirusTotal.  There are 32- and 64-bit versions available, so choose the right one for your PC.    And ensure that you choose the LE version, rather than Pro, otherwise you'll need to pay.



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Wish you a Happy New Year, Robert. I use FileZilla when running in Linux and CoreFTP LE is my choice too for Windows.

I've always used Filezilla-- or depending on what it is I'm working on, Kompozer.

Cheers & HNY!

The best freeware FTP client is FireFTP. It is not a standalone program but instead is an extension for the Firefox web browser.

It essentially replaces the browser's interface with an ftp client 2-column interface. It is simple to set up, and it stores password information in the same way the browser does.

Here is a screenshot (Click on it to enlarge):

(Note: if you are using Pale Moon as your browser, you will need to go to the Firefox add-ons site ("AMO") and look for older version 2.0.19.)