Find the Passwords Internet Explorer is Storing On Your PC


One of the features of modern web browsers is that they automatically store usernames and passwords for many of the private web sites that you visit.  This can, of course, be a very useful feature.  Sign up for a discussion forum, log in once, then you don't have to worry about logging in again.  Just let your web browser fill in the details automatically, each time you visit the site.

However, there's an obvious security problem here, and it's a biggie.  Is the browser storing your password in a sufficiently encrypted format, or could someone else who has access to your computer also retrieve those passwords?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's not good news, as an excellent freeware utility from the excellent Nirsoft demonstrates.  IEPassView ( - note that the download link is right at the bottom of the page) is a program which attempts to display web site passwords which Internet Explorer has stored on your Windows PC, and it works alarmingly well.  In my case, under IE8 on Windows 7, it immediately displayed my username and password for Gmail, Youtube and others.

If you're worried about other people running such a program on your PC, now might be a good idea to change the passwords for any sites which are a particular concern, and configure your browser not to store passwords.  

On the other hand, if you've forgotten the password to a site you often visit, and have been relying on your browser to remember it for you, this might just be the tool you've been looking for!




NOTE:  Some antivirus programs regard password recovery utilities as "hacking tools", and consequently might attempt to stop you downloading this file.  Note that this doesn't mean that the program has a virus. 


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This is to by Anonymous on 31. May 2010 - 2:51 (50675) and all the other Nay Sayers

It WAS STATED that this is a older program and it will/might be detected by newer av or anti malware programs.

I have been in IT for 20 years building repairing cleaning viruses etc out of computers and Network Security.

The program IE Passview is completely safe all it does is read the registry entries for saved passwords and decrypts them so you can read them in plain text aka understandable stuff not letters and number jumbled together.

Before you complain especially when using a Microsoft product to scan with try reading everything fully.

Btw MS Security Essentials is junk just saying it never has been and never will be a reliable means of security just from my basic knowledge I could code something that would get past it try [commercial reference removed].

As for IE passview I have been working on a clients laptop and never have I run into a issue like this shes running windows vista home (i know pos OS) and IE 8 the registry entries are there for the saved passwords but IE passview does not show them I am stumped first time since I started doing this when I was 12, I am looking for other options
would it be possible for for me to set up a temp key logger that would capture it?
The way her laptop is setup as soon as you load the websites gmail or hotmail it instantly takes you to the clients inbox she is a older person and has many medical conditions thats making it hard for her to even try and remember the recovery information.

I am looking for any and all possible venues for me to retrieve her passwords so I can setup her new laptop for her.

Any and all help is appreciated (if you have negative thoughts keep them to yourself)

Lost my Gmail password and all recovery options dont work.
What to do??