Find Out What's In Thousands Of Household Products


Have you ever wondered what precisely is in your favourite brand of printer ink, shampoo, paint, or toilet cleaner?  Or maybe you want to be able to find a brand of shampoo that doesn't contain a particular ingredient to which you're sensitive.  Or perhaps you want to know all about Acetophenone.

If you're in the US, you probably know that there's a web site which contains all of this information.  Presumably (forgive me here, but I'm not based in the US) because it's a legal requirement for manufacturers of household products to submit their data to this official government site.  If you're not in the US, and you've always wondered what goes into paint or antiperspirant or dog shampoo, now's your chance to find out by browsing this fascinating site.

Obviously it's USA oriented, so be aware that some formulations of products for the US market may not be precisely the same worldwide.  But it's still an interesting and educational resource.

You'll find it at and it works with just about any web browser.




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I agree with Bruce.
Also the new name is SDS (Safety Data Sheet). Took the place of the old name MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

The US requires a MDS ( Material Safety Sheet )on all products. We have to keep a current list where we work of products used in our facility at all times.

Slightly misleading title.
That website doesn't give a "recipe" of ingredients. It simply lists those ingredients which may be harmful. It says nothing at all about the remaining components.