Find Out If A Site Supports Two-factor Authentication (2FA) Using This Site


Two-factor authorization

Find out if a site supports two-factor authentication (2FA) using this site.

Two-factor authentication is being used more often across all devices and platforms. Instead of hunting down whether a certain site supports two-factor authentication (2FA), check this site first.

Two Factor Auth (2FA) is a list of websites and whether or not they support two-factor authentication (2FA). Most of the well known and commonly used sites and services are listed and more sites are being added often.
Businesses can add 2FA to their sites using subscription services, whereas individual users normally enable two-factor authorization by checking to see if a site supports it. There's no central place to check if a site has 2FA, Two Factor Auth (2FA) is trying to fill that void.

You can look up a site using search or browse by category; back up and sync, banking, betting, cloud computing, communication, cryptocurrencies, developer, domains, education, email, entertainment, finance, food, gaming, government, health, hosting/VPS, identity management, investing, IoT, legal, payments, remote access, retail, security, social, task management, transport, utilities, and VPN provider are the current categories. Sites are listed alphabetically inside the categories.

Clicking on a category opens a section that has columns across the top to indicate if a site has 2FA, and what kind of authorization it supports; SMS, Phone Call, Email, Hardware Token, and Software Token. Checkmarks indicate what 2FA the site supports and if here's an icon under the Docs listing clicking it will go straight to the directions on how set up two-factor (2FA) authorization.

If the site doesn't support two-factor authorization there's a link to a sites Twitter or Facebook so you can request that they start using (2FA).

Two-factor authorization can look complicated, but at its base, it's more than one way to protect your login credentials with a limited amount of steps. In a basic form, if you use a credit or debit card, you are using 2FA. 2FA consists of something you know (like a password or pin), and something you have (a credit or debit cared, a mobile phone or hardware token such as Yubikey). In other words it's a second method to make account credentials secure using more than one variable other than a password. For more information the Wikipedia entry is a good place for an overview and this article goes into more practical detail.

No matter what form of two-factor authorization you use, you can check if a well known or popular site has it and what types it supports at this site.

Two Factor Auth (2FA)

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