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Coursebuffet logo. Capital letters CB in white on red background. CourseBuffet helps you find and compare high quality classes from over 250 universities. They list all the courses from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) such as Coursera, Udacity, edX, etc. They also list courses from providers like the OpenCourseWare consortium, Saylor, and many others.

Pros: Instead of checking every online university for a classes in a certain area, CourseBuffet has organized classes by subject and label so you can find the course name and where it's offered. They've made it almost effortless to find classes - the image below shows a Computer Science 101 class. You can see at a glance that the course is available at Stanford and Coursera, and it classifies the course similar to what it would be at most universities (CS101). You can search for classes by subject, university, provider, or area of interest.

Image of laptop with class listings beneath

Cons: If you want to go to the course itself, you can do one of two things - one, create a free account at Coursebuffet, or, do an internet search for the class name and university.
There are two options to register at Coursebuffett; you can sign in with Facebook, or you can sign up using an email address. Once you have an account, a direct link to the course appears under the intro video in the top left corner.
Either way, you'll still need to sign up to take the class where it's being offered.

Overall, I think it's well worth the minute or two it takes to create an account at Coursebuffet, because finding good, free and available online classes in any area is, shall we say, tedious and time consuming.


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You can assume, since I created an account at this site (, signed up for a class using this site, and am now taking the class I signed up for, that indeed, I did go through the complete sign up process.

Well, I'm the author of this article, and I signed up for a Linux class through CourseBuffet and have started taking it.

I've taken other classes through some of the institutes listed and they were free. What course did you try to sign up for, or if you didn't, what did you find that wasn't free? Please be specific. If there's an error in the article I'll certainly amend it.

I will add that if you want a certificate, certification or some other type of proof that you took the class, most of the entities that offer free online classes offer those for a fee, which varies. But it's clearly stated everywhere I've seen it.


What a joke. Did not find one free course. If the author of this article had actually went through the complete sign up process I wouldn't be here typing this. This is the wannabe facecrook of the academic underworld. Trying to deactivate your account is like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone where your caught in a Windows 98 Episode called "Cyclic Redundancy" except when the episode is over Rod Serling doesn't come out and explain what just happened to you, they just immediately start an episode of "The Outer Limits" where your no longer the main character, your now playing a corpse with no lines and still trying to get your SAG Card.

Let The Good Times Roll.