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myNoise ambient sound generator

Discover over 200 high quality, customizable, no loop noise masking sounds at this excellent ambient sound generator site.

myNoise may be the ultimate noise masking machine. What makes myNoise stand out is the huge library of soundscapes, including nature sounds, tonal music, white noise, the sound of a calm office, or a café that can be fine-tuned and customized in a number of ways. There are 200+ wonderful sound categories and sources to explore. The main categories are Atmospheres, Patternscapes, Soundscapes, Magic Generators, Brainwaves, Tonal Drones, Natural Noises, Synthetic Noises, Industrial Noises, Internet Radios, Transports and Voices. Each is broken down into subcategories.

myNoise is available as a web app and mobile apps for Android and iOS. All give the listener the ability to customize any of the sounds via the slider/equalizer.

The idea behind myNoise is to use the noises you most enjoy to mask the noises you don't want to hear. The concept is simple, works extremely well, and doesn't require expensive noise-cancelling headphones.

myNoise sound generators play at relatively low levels. The reason is very simple: if all sliders were located on the top of the user interface, there would be no room left for the calibration to boost frequencies associated with hearing loss.

myNoise does not stream audio. The sound is dynamically generated by the browser. All the data required is loaded right before the sounds starts. You can keep listening to a generator without worrying about your internet usage: there won't be any, other than during the loading process (typically 10MB).

All the sounds are free to listen to, no registration is required to use the site, there are video tutorials available, and some of the sounds can be found on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play (Google is shutting down Google Play and moving everything to YouTube).

If you want to mask ambient noise while working, listen to something soothing while sleeping, or want to explore and enjoy high quality sounds, give the site a look.

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Thanks for this Rhiannon - it's a great find. Wile the site is good for generating background noise that distracts from or masks ambient sounds, it is also a really useful way to create background soundtracks for video and sound collages.

I'm glad you like it, it's a pretty extensive site.